Custom headphones provide style and protection.

In order to have the best listening experience with all your favorite music, quality headphones are a necessity. With the sound quality being the most important factor in purchasing headphones, how they look and feel are nearly just as important to most customers. You can create your own custom headphones with a skin decal at where the process is fun, easy, affordable, and completely your own design. With image being one of the main focuses for many that are willing to spend hundreds of dollars on a pair of headphones, why not make sure that while you spend the time to customize your own headphones you are protecting them at the same time?

          custom_headphones       custom_headphones offers custom skins for over 700 products including many headphone models. With all of these templates available, StyleFlip makes it easy to get those customized headphones you have always wanted at a price that won’t have you eating Ramen noodles for a month. Choose from one of the many designs StyleFlip has available or upload your own images for the ultimate customization and protection for your gear. The flashplayer on StyleFlip’s website makes it easy to add your own images, logos, graphics, names, or contact information. The headphones you use everyday just went from being boring and bland to fresh and fancy.

From every day use like listening to your iPod to making beats and creating your own music, your headphones can be the most important piece of the music listening puzzle. By allowing customers to customize their headphones, we are redefining how you can show off the music you love and how you listen to it. Quality headphones will give you the most crisp sound, but we want to help shape the way you listen and feel music. StyleFlip takes an ordinary product like headphones and gives customers the creative freedom to go above and beyond the standard look. Whether you choose simple patterns or colors to rock on your headphones or you want to add logos and pictures, the possibilities are truly endless and the experience becomes one of the rare times that the creativity is in your hands.      To get started creating your custom headphones today, design your skin at!

Custom skins make back to school FUN!

As the summer comes to an end, much of the buzz about back-to-school now centers around the hottest electronics and gadgets. Gone are the days of loose-leaf paper and pencil sharpeners, as more and more students opt for tablets, iPhones, iPads, Beats by Dre headphones, and laptops. Along with being tech savvy, students are all about customizing their gear and standing out among their peers. Parents, on the other hand, worry about the replacement costs of these expensive gadgets. Protecting your gadgets shouldn’t come at the expense of style. This is where steps in.

BEATS_BY_DRE_SKIN_DECAL        custom_macbook_pro_skin

From protecting these beloved devices to fully customizing them, offers it all with a skin or decal at a price that won’t break the piggy bank. The possibilities are endless with StyleFlip’s flash player which offers complete design control, taking customization to a whole new level. Upload your own photo, school symbol, or jersey number to create your own Beats by Dre skin or custom Macbook decal.

As we talk about more and more schools adding technology within the curriculum, many schools are choosing to provide students with tablets or laptops. These gadgets are being used for completing assignments, taking tests, writing essays, and as a tool for researching. When having so many students responsible for these expensive devices, it is important to provide durable protection. Cases can be expensive, bulky, and they are not customizable. offers bulk orders for schools, clubs, learning centers, etc. Use our skins to protect your assets while also promoting your business and showing school pride.


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Custom Pioneer DDJ-SZ Skin Now Available at!

The Pioneer DDJ-SZ is the new Flagship Serato DJ Controller made by Pioneer. This convenient all-in-one controller boasts full-size aluminum jogweels (from the CDJ 2000nxs), large, multi-colored performance pads, a MAGVEL crossfader (from the DJM 900nxs), and two USB sound cards for dual playing and easy transitioning.

The DDJ-SZ offers a unique DJ experience by closely mimicking the design and functionality of the club standard CDJ-2000 Nexus and DJM-900 Nexus setup. The custom Pioneer DDJ-SZ skin offers a full size layout, measuring 30% larger than the current leading controller, the Pioneer DDJ-SX. The look and size of the controller creates a professional experience and you’ll feel like you’re playing on a full-blown DJ setup. This is not a toy. is proud to be the first skin company to offer a full wrap for the Pioneer DDJ-SZ. This six-piece skin set will add a durable layer of protection to your new prized possession, while also showing off your colors, artwork, or custom logo. Turn your sleek new controller into a walking piece of art.

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Show Your Pride & Become the Ultimate Fan!


  1. Cheer loud!
  2. Be a good sport. (Even if you lose)
  3. Have a signature dance move.
  4. Wear your favorite jersey.
  5. Most importantly, customize your electronics to show your pride for your favorite team!

As the excitement of the 2014 Soccer Tournament in Brazil approaches and as the country prepares to host the 32 teams competing this year, wants to help you celebrate and support your favorite teams.

With hundreds of possibilities for designing your very own skin for over 700 products, we want to show you how you can become the ultimate fan. Show your pride and passion by representing your country with a custom skin decal for the electronics you use every day. Upload your favorite photo of your team’s flag or colors using’s flashplayer. The end result is a custom skin for your favorite gear like your Apple MacBook Pro, iPhone, tablet, or DJ equipment. This is a bulk free, custom solution to becoming the ultimate fan. You can cheer loud or sport your favorite jersey, but the ultimate fan goes above and beyond all of these expectations and strives to stand apart from the crowd.

No matter what team/teams you are cheering for over the next few weeks, you can share your love for the sport through all the electronics you love. Some fans might prefer to wear a bulky jersey or hat to show support for their country, but you will stand out by customizing all your electronics with your countries flag or emblem. StyleFlip is here to help you show your pride!

                            For more information on customizing all your electronics,                             please contact Styleflip at 612-874-8892 or visit


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Need a Large Custom Skin Order? StyleFlip Can Help You!

Companies, large and small, are always looking for the best ways to show their customers what they are all about and the most efficient way to get the word out about their products or services. Imagine you are sitting at a coffee shop…within the time you are there you will see iPhones, laptops, tablets, headphones and many other products that could serve as your perfect branding tool. With a custom skin decal from Styleflip on all the electronic devices you use, you are promoting your service or business without having to do any of the work. A custom skin from Styleflip becomes a billboard representing you- Let the electronics you use every day do all of your promoting for you.

For optimal customization on your all your devices, add your company logo along with contact information, so potential customers have all the information they need to reach you. You can also add photos showing the products you sell right on the skin decal as a showcase representing exactly what you do!

Custom Phone Skin Decal   Custom Mixer Skin Decal


As the education system advances at the same rate as the technology industry, more and more schools are allowing students to use laptops or tablets in the classroom. Many schools provide the students with these electronics, but the issue is how to keep them protected. This is where Styleflip steps in!

Custom Bitesquad Tablet Skin Decal    Custom Bulk Order Laptop Skin

Whether you are looking for one skin for a Kindle Fire or 50 iPhone skins for the employees at your company or 3,000 skins for each student at your school, Styleflip allows you the freedom to customize your branding tools and protect your electronics with these durable, vinyl decals. Styleflip is able to produce large quantities of custom laptop skins for classrooms or schools of any size. These protective, durable covers keep your electronic devices safe and free from scratches and damage to the electronics you decide to customize with a skin decal. With protection to these devices, resale is easy and hassle free- Styleflip’s custom decals are easy to remove and will not leave any residue when removed.

                                 For more information on bulk sales/large quantity orders,                             please contact Styleflip at 612-874-8892 or visit


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StyleFlip Now Offers Custom Tile Decals!

Is your kitchen backsplash a drag? Are you a renter with out-dated bathroom tiling? Does your entry-way need a facelift? StyleFlip’s custom tile decals can help you transform some of your favorite, but used, space in just minutes! StyleFlip tile skins are 100% customizable, removable, waterproof, scratch proof, and washable. Turn your plain ceramic floor tiles into a work of art or add a fun theme to your bathroom tiles – the possibilities are endless. Wear-and-tear and old age are great excuses to replace your flooring, but this solution can be incredibly expensive. With custom tile decals, you will get the same clean, fresh look to your space, but at a price that will have you wondering why you hadn’t added customized tile decals to some of your more used looking areas sooner!

custom tile decals

Custom Bathroom Tile Decals

Removable tile decals from StyleFlip are a fun, classy, yet affordable way to spruce up your space. Our vinyl tile skins come in many basic tile sizes and we also offer custom tile sizing via email. StyleFlip tile decals are the perfect solution for renters and homeowners alike, leaving you with the perfect look for a drab entryway, bathroom, backsplash, or kitchen floor. You can create the look of expensive Moroccan tiles or Marble for a fraction of the cost. Or create a faux backsplash in your apartment’s kitchen for hassle-free removal on moving day!

custom floor tile decal       custom star wars tile decals

For our ever-changing lives and styles comes an ever-changeable tile solution. Get creative and start customizing your tile decals now!


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Customize Your Own Beats by Dre Headphones at

Over the past few years, Beats by Dre headphones have become a technological icon. They have transformed the sound of music for many consumers ranging from DJs, producers, and musicians, to everyday music lovers: young and old. Everywhere you go, people are wearing headphones whether it be for listening to music or making phones calls. The new rage for celebrities, athletes and other upper-class consumers is to customize your own Beats by Dre headphones. This can cost upwards of $1,000 just to create your own custom pair of Beats. At the end of the day, you cannot change your mind or design as you wish with this overpriced option.

Custom Pink Beats by Dre     Custom Beats by Dre has changed the game by allowing you to customize your own Beats by Dre headphones & offering skin decals at an affordable price. With you can create your own custom cover for your Beats headphones and when you are ready for a new design or color you can easily take the skin off and order a new custom wrap for your headphones. StyleFlip carries all models and allow you to create your very own custom skin for any or all of the different models. You can use StyleFlip’s flash player to upload your own images and logos for maximum customization or you can browse through hundreds of pre-made designs. Have an idea but not sure how to lay it out? Contact and they can do a custom design for you!

      Custom Sports Beats by Dre

Customize your own Beats by Dre headphones and you are bound to stand out in a crowd. Rep your favorite sports team or your company logo on your headphones for everyone to see! The customization options are endless and the best part is a skin from StyleFlip won’t break the bank! You can’t beat being able to change up the look of your electronics whenever you want! Check out and customize today!



Custom Apple MacBook Pro skins at!

The Apple Macbook Pro, which is known for its compact size, screen quality, and stern unibody build, has become one of the most influential consumer products of our time. With screen dimension options of either 13, 15, or 17 inch, many different storage sizes, and a variety of model changes over the years, it is only appropriate that StyleFlip provides customers with the option to customize your laptop and the capability to keep your laptop protected by creating a custom Apple Macbook Pro skin! has custom Apple Macbook Pro skins available for many of the models including the MacBook Pro 13″ Retina Display, MacBook Pro 15″ 1st Generation, and MacBook Pro 17″ Unibody.
 Apple MacBook Pro Silver Skin            Apple MacBook Pro Star Wars Skin             Apple MacBook Pro Advertise Skin
Custom Apple MacBook Pro skins are the perfect way to keep your laptop protected while still maintaining the sleek look of the MacBook. Our durable covers transform your Macbook Pro into a protected piece of walking advertisement. Show off at the library or at the airport by customizing your Apple MacBook Pro skin with a family portrait, business logo, or your own crafted art design. The laptop lid is the perfect place for a customizable skin because it is a great conversation starter and a great way to show off the things you enjoy. The possibilities for customizing your Apple MacBook Pro are endless when you design your own skin!
Apple MacBook Pro Inside Laptop Skin       
Not only can you create a custom skin for the lid of your MacBook Pro, but Styleflip is the only company to offer customizable skins for the inside of your computer as well! This protective skin fits around the keyboard and mouse pad area and also around the screen of the laptop.  When choosing the design for the lid of the laptop, you are able to get your design with or without the Apple cutout. Styleflip allows you to design your own custom skin or you can choose from many designs created by our designers! Visit today to start designing your Apple MacBook Pro skin!



StyleFlip is Heading to The NAMM Show 2014!

NAMM is the National Association of Music Merchants, a not-for-profit association that promotes the making of music and helps to strengthen the $17 billion global music products industry. NAMM’s winter trade show, which is not open to the public, serves as a hub for people wanting to seek out the newest innovations in musical products, recording technology, sound, and lighting. This year, the NAMM Show is January 23rd-26th and is being held at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California. The StyleFlip team is lucky to be able to attend the NAMM Show again this year!

Why do we attend? StyleFlip attends the NAMM show for the same reason as all music lovers in the industry – to learn and get informed about all the new and upcoming products and technologies. While at the show, we are not only able to visit our current DJ gear manufacturers to get a grasp on what is new for the year, but we are also able to reach out to new companies and potential customers to promote our products and share with them the many benefits of StyleFlip skins. We also love to see our customers and fans at the NAMM Show and we always have sample skins ready to hand out!

NAMM is a great gathering of musicians, manufacturers, retailers, and fans. The excitement and energy can be felt throughout the city of Anaheim. Everywhere you go (restaurants, bars, hotels) you look for the familiar NAMM badge hanging around someone’s neck, because you know if you see one you will most likely have an instant friend! Every year StyleFlip comes back from NAMM with a whole new crew of friends and a fresh outlook on the music industry. What better way is there to start the new year?

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Customize the Perfect Gift this Holiday Season!

As the holiday season is nearing, we find ourselves seeking out the perfect gift for each of our family and friends! What if we told you we have the perfect gift for every one of them (skins for your iPhone, custom skins for Beats by Dre, pioneer CDJ 1000 skin decal), and each gift will be completely customizable and original? You better believe it! presents to you a Christmas gift that is perfect for your best friend the video game junkie, a punk rock DJ, or even grandma and grandpa! Skins from Styleflip allow you to transform all your electronics into the perfect creation. Whether you are looking to customize your own beats by dre or design your own skin for an Apple MacBook Pro, we’ve got just what you need!

Personalizing a skin is fun and easy at! With many designs to choose from or with the option to upload your own photos, the possibilities are endless! If you are buying your teen Beats by Dre headphones this Christmas, we have the perfect custom accessory! A protective skin with their name, school mascot, or favorite colors on it! Surprise your mom or dad by designing a custom skin with their favorite family photos. Spread some love this holiday season by creating a custom skin with your own personalized messages or quotes for your loved ones! Start customizing today!