What is a StyleFlip Skin?

What is a StyleFlip adhesive skin for devices?

An adhesive skin (also known as a decal, sticker, or cover) is a vinyl film that adheres to the surface of your device all the while customizing and protecting it!

StyleFlip skin decals use 3M™ Controltac™ with Comply vinyl and features a thin removable adhesive backing that contains patented air release channels to ensure easy bubble free application along with easy and damage free removal.

Key Features

Won’t mess with your iPod wheelKey Features:



Incredibly thin being no thicker
than a postage stamp! StyleFlip
skins will not interfere with device
add-ons or functions. The skins are
designed with precise measurements
and are cut to match the contours of your




Flexible Skins = Easy Application


Flexible vinyl for easy application
and reapplication. Not happy with
your initial application? No problem,
carefully remove the skin and reapply!



Beats By Dre Kill Audio Skin

Beats By Dre Solo Kill Audio


Your Device + Your Design = Your StyleFlip
StyleFlip.com allows you to fully
customize your own skins. Create yours
with our easy to use StyleFlip Designer.

Show off your favorite sport team,
designer brand or a picture of your
favorite pet!




DJ TeeOh

DJ Teeoh Customizes and Protects His Gear With StyleFlip


Protect Your Device With StyleFlip!
StyleFlip skins protect your device without the added bulk of a case. Keep those pesky scuffs and scratches at bay with best premium grade vinyl. Printed using a special high resolution process, and coated with a clear laminate coating for additional protection. The Styleflip is very tough, yet very thin so that it does not change the feel device.



StyleFlip Design Contest on Facebook

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Show it off and enter for a chance to win great prizes from www.StyleFlip.com


DJ Knock

DJ TeeOh
DJ MusicManC

World Drum & Bass

How A DJ Can Break Through The Noise

How can one become unique, distinct, or to be the one and only?
Who am I? These are questions DJ’s ask when defining themselves

Who Are You?

There are many ways for DJ’s to define themselves, a name, a look, a style, a sound, or even the sticker on their mixer.  This all comes down to personal branding and every DJ has a chance to stand out. Every DJ has a chance to truly show the world who they are by trying on different roles in search to answer the dynamic of defining themselves.


What Happens Next?

  1. Broadcasting
  2. Networking
  3. Participation


Here are 3 simple and effective ways a DJ can break through the noise.


  1. Put Your Name On Everything
    The easiest way for a DJ to foster word of mouth in the club, online, at a party, or in any situation is to put their name on everything. This includes: gear, clothes, promos and whatever else a DJ has laying down their tracks.A great way to do this is by customizing the gear that is being used.DJ’s are always looking to one another for advice and feedback on how to make their setup unique, so why not showcase your name at the same time.When customizing gear, a DJ has many choices. They can use faceplates, stickers, or do-it-yourself paint jobs. But they can also skin their gear.Skins are very thin, high quality decals that are placed on the surface of the gear. The material of a skin is varies from a high quality vinyl to a cheap sticker that protects your gear and prolongs the wear and tear of producing music.

StyleFlip Skin Example

  • Digital Ideology and Networking
    Ideology is what guides an individual. So what guides a DJ? There are many available tools a DJ can use to introduce themselves to the world and guide them through identity formation . One tool that has been around since 2004 is Beatport. “Beatport provides unique music discovery tools created for and by DJs with the world’s largest community of DJs and their fans” (Beatport).  Trying to find one’s identity calls for help from others. The more significant connections a DJ has the better. But just because you have 5,000 friends on Facebook, or 2000 followers on Twitter, does not mean you are breaking through the noise, but it does build a community. Connections must be meaningful, significant, or relevant to move forward.This will take some time and effort, but truly is not a painstaking process. A snowball effect will incur with one purposeful contact to countless more. But don’t forget that fans are also promoters.



  • Participate
    It’s as easy as that. The best way for a DJ to show who they are is to participate. Go to shows, write a blog, and create music on a regular basis. Cross promote with DJ’s, clubs, and associates.Choose 3 platforms to continually be a part of. DJ’s should not spread themselves too thin and focus on having an enduring and energetic presence where they are more likely to stand out. Deliver valuable content and engage.