Designing a custom skin at StyleFlip makes you unique!

Whether you are looking for an Apple iPhone 4s skin or a Google Nexus 7 tablet cover or a Dell Laptop skin, Styleflip allows you to create your own custom skin and ensures your gear will be protected! Mass customization is offering consumers the ability to customize or design a product to their liking before purchasing them; in the case of Styleflip, the process includes designing your own custom skin. Many companies have a strong lead on mass customization, but the problem lies in doing it just right.


For example, offering the customization of Dell laptops was a huge advantage for them. As options for customization started to expand, the process started to become too complex and costly, which in return, caused customers to turn away. Why spend more time and money creating a product that would end up being too costly, when you could go to the competitors next door that have everything you need and all at a low price?

The situation was the opposite for Levi Strauss’ line of custom made jeans. The company began to offer customers the option to create their own custom pair of jeans, but the problem arose when customers felt that there weren’t enough features available in the creation process. Again, why spend more time and money in the creation process when you can buy a pair of jeans from the competitor for a lower price with all the features you are looking for?

Although both of these companies eventually figured out what the best method was, they were both ahead of the game because having a system that allows you to customize your gear, gives a customer satisfaction in knowing that they will own a product that they had a hand in creating. This is a much more gratifying feeling than owning a product that has been mass produced.

That is the great thing about us here at Styleflip! At Styleflip the options are nearly endless because our customers are the ones customizing beats by dre headphones and designing custom laptop skins. The majority of our customers are bringing forth their own designs or images and using our program to customize their laptop skins or design an iPhone skin. Customization allows a brand to enhance its uniqueness and differentiate from other mainstream competitors by having the customers be the creators in the process! It is rare to find a company in which the customers get to use their own creativity and make all the decisions in the design process, but that is what stands out best about!

Styleflip skins are durable and protective and are guaranteed to last as long as your equipment lasts!

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Custom Skins Make Great Gifts This Holiday Season!

In this day in age, we live in a society that is dependent on mobile devices, whether it be cellphones, tablets, laptops, or gaming units. These gadgets are very important to us because they keep us in close contact with our friends and family and provide us access to the internet, up-to-date news, and email. As new devices are released each year, they come with a higher price tag to match their new features and more advanced technology.  Custom skins for your electronics are a great way to keep these devices protected from damage while also making your device stand out from the masses. StyleFlip custom skins also make great gifts, as you can design and customize each skin decal to match each recipient’s personality or interests.

Did your Mom finally get a smartphone? Think about how delighted she would be to open a gift and find a custom decal or her iPhone with a photo of her grandchildren on it! My stepdad is a racecar driver so I made him a protective Apple Macbook Pro skin adorned with a checkered flag and his racing # for Father’s Day – it was a total hit. Kids love custom skins too! Perhaps your daughter loves kittens or your son plays football for Syracuse. With custom skins, you can create a personalized gift for their Beats by Dre headphones, Apple iPhone, or Nintendo DS that matches their interests and allows them to express what they love! Not only are the decals unique to every order, they are also protective. All StyleFlip skins come with a special laminate that provides extra protections for your precious cargo! With Christmas right around the corner keep in mind custom skin decals are the perfect size for stocking stuffers!


Personalized skins make great gifts for adults too. Women love decals designed with photos of their kids, pets, husbands, etc. Floral patterns and stripes are also great for girls. For men, the possibilities are endless. You can design a skin with a golf ball on it for your Husband, or purple and gold to match your Dad’s favorite sports team. Wood and metallic patterns are also great for dudes, as are skins designed with photos of their beloved cars. Custom skins are the way to go this holiday season!

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