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Whether you are looking for an Apple iPhone 4s skin or a Google Nexus 7 tablet cover or a Dell Laptop skin, Styleflip allows you to create your own custom skin and ensures your gear will be protected! Mass customization is offering consumers the ability to customize or design a product to their liking before purchasing them; in the case of Styleflip, the process includes designing your own custom skin. Many companies have a strong lead on mass customization, but the problem lies in doing it just right.


For example, offering the customization of Dell laptops was a huge advantage for them. As options for customization started to expand, the process started to become too complex and costly, which in return, caused customers to turn away. Why spend more time and money creating a product that would end up being too costly, when you could go to the competitors next door that have everything you need and all at a low price?

The situation was the opposite for Levi Strauss’ line of custom made jeans. The company began to offer customers the option to create their own custom pair of jeans, but the problem arose when customers felt that there weren’t enough features available in the creation process. Again, why spend more time and money in the creation process when you can buy a pair of jeans from the competitor for a lower price with all the features you are looking for?

Although both of these companies eventually figured out what the best method was, they were both ahead of the game because having a system that allows you to customize your gear, gives a customer satisfaction in knowing that they will own a product that they had a hand in creating. This is a much more gratifying feeling than owning a product that has been mass produced.

That is the great thing about us here at Styleflip! At Styleflip the options are nearly endless because our customers are the ones customizing beats by dre headphones and designing custom laptop skins. The majority of our customers are bringing forth their own designs or images and using our program to customize their laptop skins or design an iPhone skin. Customization allows a brand to enhance its uniqueness and differentiate from other mainstream competitors by having the customers be the creators in the process! It is rare to find a company in which the customers get to use their own creativity and make all the decisions in the design process, but that is what stands out best about!

Styleflip skins are durable and protective and are guaranteed to last as long as your equipment lasts!

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Custom Skins Make Great Gifts This Holiday Season!

In this day in age, we live in a society that is dependent on mobile devices, whether it be cellphones, tablets, laptops, or gaming units. These gadgets are very important to us because they keep us in close contact with our friends and family and provide us access to the internet, up-to-date news, and email. As new devices are released each year, they come with a higher price tag to match their new features and more advanced technology.  Custom skins for your electronics are a great way to keep these devices protected from damage while also making your device stand out from the masses. StyleFlip custom skins also make great gifts, as you can design and customize each skin decal to match each recipient’s personality or interests.

Did your Mom finally get a smartphone? Think about how delighted she would be to open a gift and find a custom decal or her iPhone with a photo of her grandchildren on it! My stepdad is a racecar driver so I made him a protective Apple Macbook Pro skin adorned with a checkered flag and his racing # for Father’s Day – it was a total hit. Kids love custom skins too! Perhaps your daughter loves kittens or your son plays football for Syracuse. With custom skins, you can create a personalized gift for their Beats by Dre headphones, Apple iPhone, or Nintendo DS that matches their interests and allows them to express what they love! Not only are the decals unique to every order, they are also protective. All StyleFlip skins come with a special laminate that provides extra protections for your precious cargo! With Christmas right around the corner keep in mind custom skin decals are the perfect size for stocking stuffers!


Personalized skins make great gifts for adults too. Women love decals designed with photos of their kids, pets, husbands, etc. Floral patterns and stripes are also great for girls. For men, the possibilities are endless. You can design a skin with a golf ball on it for your Husband, or purple and gold to match your Dad’s favorite sports team. Wood and metallic patterns are also great for dudes, as are skins designed with photos of their beloved cars. Custom skins are the way to go this holiday season!

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StyleFlip supports Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

StyleFlip is proud to celebrate and support Breast Cancer Awareness Month throughout the month of October! National Breast Cancer Awareness Month(NBCAM) is a collaboration of national public service organizations, professional medical associations, and government agencies working together to promote breast cancer awareness, share information on the disease, and provide greater access to services. Whether you are looking for a custom Apple iPhone 4s skin or to customize your Beats by Dre for your Numark NS7, StyleFlip has what you are looking for.

Throughout the entire month of October, NBCAM is dedicated to raising awareness and educating others about breast cancer throughout the year, and because StyleFlip supports research and the fight against breast cancer, we want to help- free shipping on all orders throughout the month, along with $2 from each and every order being donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. A StyleFlip skin is the perfect way to show off your creativity and a custom skin allows you to completely customize your own look on all your electronics.

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StyleFlip custom skins and decals are a very innovative form of branding and advertising. Custom skins are a great way to attract attention while also being a unique and cost-effective way to get your company logo or slogan seen by many people every day. In today’s world, smart phones and tablets have become a part of our everyday lives, with both personal and professional use daily. Using custom decals on your business phones, laptops, and tablets provides protection for your valuable electronics while also creating a huge advertising and marketing opportunity.

Custom Phone Skin Decal      custom_beats_by_dre

The average sales person spends around 60% of their work week directly in front of clients. Imagine if every time your employee opened their laptop or tablet while with a client, your logo and company colors or slogan would be neatly emblazoned in front of them. In every meeting, presentation, and lecture they attend there is constant promotion for your company. StyleFlip custom skins are durable, protective, and create a lasting memory. Our decals are easy to apply, provide a residue-free removable, and are guaranteed to fit your device!

Custom Bulk Order Laptop Skin

StyleFlip skins are also a great choice for schools that issue laptops or tablets to their employees and students. Protect your assets and spread school spirit throughout your campus. We can help you create unique designs utilizing your school’s logo, colors,
mascot, etc. Use different colors or designs to differentiate between faculty and students or between different grades and classes. The customization possibilities are endless!

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StyleFlip Interview with DJ Daddyfats

This week got to sit down and chat with one of it’s most valued sponsored artists, DJ Daddyfats.


DJ Daddyfats: (JayT) has been deeply rooted in the club music scene for more than 10 years. Born in Dallas, Texas and raised in Magnolia, Arkansas where he discovered his musical talents at an early age. At the age of 4 he was already playing the drums and by the age of 12 had progressed to the piano and violin.  As a natural and eager learner he attended both Middle and high school magnets that specialized in fine arts and musical education.  After graduating high school in 2002 Jay T along with a business partner formed a media production company, DMP Media Services. This company specializes in the production and creation of various musical genres: classical, jazz to house. In 2005 in order to fund further musical education Jay T took a job at a commercial real estate firm. This gave him not only the ability to wow with musical talents but also served as a tool for knowledge in overall business contracts and negotiations. By 2009 DJ Daddyfats had become a full time DJ and musician, hosted several mixtapes, and worked for some of the largest venues in Dallas and Missouri.  Spinning everything from top 40, house, deep house, electro, dub-step,dance,reggae,dance-hall,classic rock-n roll,country, hip-hop,rap, techno,salsa, cumbia, and reggaeton to ensure every party becomes a non-stop journey. Jay T now currently resides in Las Vegas where he spins for Planet Hollywood, Rio, and Caesars Palace casinos  His major sponsors are and have included Coke, Rockstar Energy, ILLtelect Apparel, and Two In The Shirt Apparel brand as well most recently added Four Loko. He has cemented his demand by rocking parties at venues both large and small for celebrities such as Diddy, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj, Tank, Shaquille o Neal, Lebron James, Play n Skillz, Mya and recently Paris Hilton. As he continues to push the limits of his career DJ Daddyfats the brand will continue to serve as a cornerstone of professionalism, class and determination.


Q. Where did you come from/ grow up?

A. Born in Texas, raised in Arkansas for a bit then back to the lone star state..Currently residing in Las Vegas, Nevada


Q.  Did this influence how you created your music?

A.  My style yes, My created music no


Q. Who or what was it that made you think being a DJ was right for you?

A. My uncle was a dj back home and I have been a musician since I was 4 so I felt as long as I was around music I would be okay. Being a musician pays so much less now for more work but I could never leave my calling.


Q. Who are your top 3 musical influences?

A. Anything 80’s based (greatest decade of music in my opinion)  Earth, Wind and Fire, and Believe it or not Rascal Flatts


Q. What was your first involvement in this industry?

A. Dj side – Officially Beamers Nightclub Dallas


Q. Do you remember your first gig?

A. House party for my uncle with a combination of tapes, and cds..smh it was like learning to drive all over again. Terrible but an experience you don’t forget.


Q.  How has your music creation evolved since you first started?

A. My music is now more a direct reflection of experiences and life that I have lived and listen too. So all styles I have studied in school play a big part in what I like to play. I believe that you should take people on a ride through life musically.


Q. What was your first piece of gear that you bought?

A. Technic 1200


Q. What do you have for a current gear set-up?

A. Most commonly used setup for me are technic 1200 LTD with Rane ttm 57sl, Korg Kontrol midi pad and a Macbook Pro – headphones of choice are my Monster turbine golds


Q. What kind of image do you want to portray? Or do you not portray one at all?

A.  Fun respectable party guy. At the end of it all Im blessed to be able to party for a living and I want people to know that I am enjoying the moment just like they are.


Q. What kind of emotions do you want to evoke from your music?

A. Euphoria.. Want it all to just feel good to feel good.


Q. How are you involved with the industry now? What type of events do you play?

A. More into production and now working on scoring movies/ commercials with 2 different sets of crews.  I mainly play clubs and lounges and a vast amount of corporate events with sponsors with about 2 or 3 short promo tours a year. Also a staple in the Impulse stage show that plays on Fremont Street and Fiesta Casino every week.


Q. You must witness a lot working as a DJ. Any crazy/ funny stories from events you’ve DJ’d at? Any bridezilla moments? Fights? Etc.?

A. Never a dull moment when girls try to back it up and actually fall off the stage backwards. Also the guy that likes to stage-dive but he’s too big so everyone moves out of the way and he pancakes the floor. I think the last fight I saw at an event was while I was playing Rick James inside of Ibar at the Rio Casino…Cocaine is a hell of a drug


Q. What do you see as the future of this industry (Deejaying, Hip Hop, etc..)?

A.  I currently book entertainment and talent under my own company as well. I am from a family of business owners so as time progresses the work for me is less while still maintaing a diverse brand. I will still spin of course but now Im hoping to showcase my actual musicianship more.


Q. What was your most favorite live performance you’ve ever seen?

A. DJ moment- Diplo (take your pick on performance he’s just awesome) Live Venue..A band called Snarky Puppy ( kids are amazeballs)


Q. What would be one thing you would want future/ aspiring artists in this industry to know? Give us some advice.

A. Deejays are your friends and not your enemies. If you approach us with respect to our craft and networking we will happily work with you. We want new music that is great to expose to listeners but we don’t want artists that are pumped up by their friends into thinking they are better than what they are. Stay humble and keep pushing.


Q. Where/ When can we see you perform? Any upcoming events?

A. Currently in South Padre Island Texas completing my Spring break parties with Rockstar energy and Inertia tours.. then back to Vegas working with my management and Harrahs co.  I have stage shows on Friday and Sunday nights. Hooters and Hilton Grand Pools along with Sante Fe Station and Rio Casino lounges and nightclubs.

Close of my month looks like this:

3-19 Louies Backyard

3-20 (Day pool), Peninsula resort Night pool Isla Grand with Rockstar on Coke Beach

3-21 Louies Backyard

3-22 Claytons Beach Bar

3-23 Padre Sunset

3-24 Louies backyard

3-25 Claytons Beach Bar

3-26 Tequila Sunset

3-27 Isla Grand Pool Party

3-28 Louies Backyard

3-29 Claytons beach bar

3-31 Fremont Street Las Vegas


Q. Where can we find your music? (i.e. links to Facebook, YouTube, Soundcloud, etc)

A. pretty much is a one stop shop for information. @iDJdaddyfats on twitter and instagram.

I make a lot of mixes (audio and video) but they are getting harder and harder to upload due to copyright issues.  So I typically do them for corporate clients now.

NAMM 2013 w/ The Beat Junkies

Over the course of the National Association of Music Merchants, we have several artists and companies coming together to share their products, support and love for the industry.  The Beat Junkies had a lively performance at the Rane booth.  Originally from southern California and coming out of their 20 year anniversary, hit off the New Year at NAMM throwing down their DJ art form of scratching and turntablism.  The Beat Junkies have pioneered the DJ scene by their creativity, originality and their variety of music genres.  As the Beat Junkies step out with new mixers; Rane sixty one and Rane sixty two, they’re going straight from the hip.  Improvised beats while using old classics to have fun with the crowd and we were there to witness.  This blog was brought to you by styleflip.  Customizing and protecting your gear.  For more information, visit us at Custom Vestax PMC-05PROIV with has been customizing DJ gear for over two years now and its about time that we’ve went ahead and customized another piece to show everyone what Styleflip is all about. Basically, users can log onto the website, find the template of the electronic device you want to customize, and create a custom (heavy-duty) vinyl skin using texts, uploads, and custom colors to make your gear stand out from the crowd.

We’ve used for our Korg KM-202 and Vestax PMC-05proIII and now we’re happy to bring you a quick install video on our Vestax PMC-05proIV to show everyone just how easy and simple it really is to Styleflip your gear. Peep the video, then head on over to Styleflip today to customize your smartphone, DJ gear, MP3 player and many other electronic devices today!

-DJ Blaze

Serato Scratch Live: Know Your Gear With DJ TeeOh Part 2/3 –

The Scope View

Scope View

The Scope View

The scope views on the setup screen in Scratch Live display the input signal as a phase diagram. The key factors to look at on the scope display are crisp clean lines, round shape, and the tracking percentage in the lower right corner. This view shows how well Scratch Live is tracking the control signal.



Adjusting the scopes

Once you have set the threshold, start both turntables. For optimal performance the inner ring should be as close to circular as possible. Use the scope zoom slider (1x to 16x) to zoom in or out as necessary. Use the scope L/R balance and P/A balance controls to adjust the shape of the inner ring. The number in the top left corner of the scope view gives the current absolute position within the control record or CD. The number in the top right
corner is the current speed in RPM.

Adjusting the Scopes

In the bottom left is the current threshold setting, and the number in the bottom right shows the percentage of readable signal – this number should be at least 85% when your system is calibrated properly. Realistically, anything below 95% is going to degrade performance.

Diagnosing the Scope Views

This is an example of a good, clean signal displayed in the scope view:

Good Signal:
For optimal performance the inner ring should be as close to circular as possible. Use the scope zoom slider (1x to 16x) to zoom in or out as necessary. Use the scope L/R balance and P/A balance controls to adjust the shape of the inner ring.

The bottom left corner is the current threshold setting.
The bottom right corner shows the percentage of readable signal – this number should be as close to 100% as possible when your system is calibrated properly. At values of less than 85% you may start to experience tracking difficulties.

Many playback problems that you encounter when using Scratch Live can be attributed to not getting a good reading of the control signal from your vinyl or CDs. The scopes are a great tool for diagnosing what is happening.

Following are the most common scope views you may encounter with suggestions to help you solve the problems they can represent.

Note: Some problems cause similar looking scopes (eg. dusty needle and damaged needle) so it is recommended to try all suggested solutions until your problem is solved.

Here are the various symptoms that could be displayed in your DVS.


Stay Tuned for Part 3 of Serato Scratch Live: Know Your Gear With DJ TeeOh!

Brought to you by:

Serato Scratch Live: Know Your Gear With DJ TeeOh Part 1/3 –

The best instance of professionalism is that hard work pays off. In the music realm this translates into quality. Whether you are a producer, singer, or a DJ you must ensure that you are using the maximum quality possible. This means connecting and calibrating all equipment to function at maximum capability.

Would you show up to perform with only one turntable knowing you need two?

No. This is the same as showing up with damaged equipment or failing to properly set up. Most people know their gear well enough to setup with little or no issues. However, the most commonly neglected aspect is calibration even though it should be conducted every time before performing. If you are like many, you probably show up and use whatever gear is at the venue. Problems that may arise include:

  • Gear is switched
  • Gear is broken
  • Gear is misused

This is also where bringing your own accessories comes in. I would never use a clubs house needles or headphones. Relying on community gear will surely land you in a bind. Bringing your own gear gives you the peace of mind in knowing that it works. Should something go wrong you can usually eliminate your own gear right off the go. If you do bring your own setup (turntables, controller, etc) then calibration is equally important.

Anytime you move you equipment you should calibrate.


What is calibration?

In short this means setting up so it works right with other gear. Failure to do this may not have affected you yet, but it will. Something could go wrong in front of 4,000 people (but that’s a different story). There is nothing worse than having your equipment fail during or moments before your performance. To prevent this situation you must service your equipment.

Most of us know to check cables, make sure grounds are solid, and everything is plugged in correctly. Setting up your software is just as important as the hardware. The most important part of setting up your software is calibration.In the following I will walk you through a generalized calibration using Serato Scratch Live. These steps also can be applied to other DVS systems as well as controllers and Timecode CDs. Should you encounter a problem that requires troubleshooting please read the troubleshooting tips in Part 2. If you are not using Serato simply refer to your manual or online resource for specifications.

Why is it important to calibrate your DVS?

In the standard configuration of DVS systems an analog audio source (turnable / CDJ) sends the Scratch Live control signal into a Rane Scratch Live hardware device, where it is digitized. It is then sent to the Scratch Live software and used to control playback of a digital audio file. Calibrating allows the software to distinguish between what is heard as the control signal and what is recognized as background noise and ignored.

If you have not correctly calibrated for your system and environment you may run into a number of playback issues including glitching/skipping playback and your tracks not playing at all.

The noise threshold in a DVS system is the limit below which the input signal will not be interpreted as a control signal. In other words, if it’s below the threshold, it is considered noise and ignored by the software. This setting is necessary because a turntable stylus is very sensitive and will inevitably pick up noise from the environment as well as the signal on the record. This is especially noticeable during a live show or busy club. Turntables and CDJs can be effected by vibrations from the sound system as well. Every precaution should be taken to reduce any vibration.

Setting the noise threshold
1) Turn the sound system up the level you will be playing at during your performance.

2) Play a track from an audio CD or from the other deck in internal mode.

3) Place the needle on the record but keep the turntable stopped.

4) Click and hold down the Estimate button for a few seconds – Scratch Live will estimate the optimal threshold setting for the current environment. Alternatively you can try manually moving the estimate slider to the right until you notice the number in the upper-right corner of the scope view STOPS fluctuating.

You should be at the best point for good tracking of the vinyl movement and ignoring noise. Note: Just because it says 100% does not mean that is the best setting.

5) Repeat this process for each deck. Once completed, start the deck and look at the Scope view.

NOTE: The process for calibrating a cd player is virtually the same. The only difference is you’ll need to press pause on the cd deck with the control cd in the player before hitting the estimate button.


Stay tuned for Part 2 of this series coming out Friday October 19!