Custom Skins Make Great Gifts This Holiday Season!

In this day in age, we live in a society that is dependent on mobile devices, whether it be cellphones, tablets, laptops, or gaming units. These gadgets are very important to us because they keep us in close contact with our friends and family and provide us access to the internet, up-to-date news, and email. As new devices are released each year, they come with a higher price tag to match their new features and more advanced technology.  Custom skins for your electronics are a great way to keep these devices protected from damage while also making your device stand out from the masses. StyleFlip custom skins also make great gifts, as you can design and customize each skin decal to match each recipient’s personality or interests.

Did your Mom finally get a smartphone? Think about how delighted she would be to open a gift and find a custom decal or her iPhone with a photo of her grandchildren on it! My stepdad is a racecar driver so I made him a protective Apple Macbook Pro skin adorned with a checkered flag and his racing # for Father’s Day – it was a total hit. Kids love custom skins too! Perhaps your daughter loves kittens or your son plays football for Syracuse. With custom skins, you can create a personalized gift for their Beats by Dre headphones, Apple iPhone, or Nintendo DS that matches their interests and allows them to express what they love! Not only are the decals unique to every order, they are also protective. All StyleFlip skins come with a special laminate that provides extra protections for your precious cargo! With Christmas right around the corner keep in mind custom skin decals are the perfect size for stocking stuffers!


Personalized skins make great gifts for adults too. Women love decals designed with photos of their kids, pets, husbands, etc. Floral patterns and stripes are also great for girls. For men, the possibilities are endless. You can design a skin with a golf ball on it for your Husband, or purple and gold to match your Dad’s favorite sports team. Wood and metallic patterns are also great for dudes, as are skins designed with photos of their beloved cars. Custom skins are the way to go this holiday season!

Visit now and start making the perfect gift for someone you love this holiday season!





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Serato Scratch Live: Know Your Gear With DJ TeeOh Part 1/3 –

The best instance of professionalism is that hard work pays off. In the music realm this translates into quality. Whether you are a producer, singer, or a DJ you must ensure that you are using the maximum quality possible. This means connecting and calibrating all equipment to function at maximum capability.

Would you show up to perform with only one turntable knowing you need two?

No. This is the same as showing up with damaged equipment or failing to properly set up. Most people know their gear well enough to setup with little or no issues. However, the most commonly neglected aspect is calibration even though it should be conducted every time before performing. If you are like many, you probably show up and use whatever gear is at the venue. Problems that may arise include:

  • Gear is switched
  • Gear is broken
  • Gear is misused

This is also where bringing your own accessories comes in. I would never use a clubs house needles or headphones. Relying on community gear will surely land you in a bind. Bringing your own gear gives you the peace of mind in knowing that it works. Should something go wrong you can usually eliminate your own gear right off the go. If you do bring your own setup (turntables, controller, etc) then calibration is equally important.

Anytime you move you equipment you should calibrate.


What is calibration?

In short this means setting up so it works right with other gear. Failure to do this may not have affected you yet, but it will. Something could go wrong in front of 4,000 people (but that’s a different story). There is nothing worse than having your equipment fail during or moments before your performance. To prevent this situation you must service your equipment.

Most of us know to check cables, make sure grounds are solid, and everything is plugged in correctly. Setting up your software is just as important as the hardware. The most important part of setting up your software is calibration.In the following I will walk you through a generalized calibration using Serato Scratch Live. These steps also can be applied to other DVS systems as well as controllers and Timecode CDs. Should you encounter a problem that requires troubleshooting please read the troubleshooting tips in Part 2. If you are not using Serato simply refer to your manual or online resource for specifications.

Why is it important to calibrate your DVS?

In the standard configuration of DVS systems an analog audio source (turnable / CDJ) sends the Scratch Live control signal into a Rane Scratch Live hardware device, where it is digitized. It is then sent to the Scratch Live software and used to control playback of a digital audio file. Calibrating allows the software to distinguish between what is heard as the control signal and what is recognized as background noise and ignored.

If you have not correctly calibrated for your system and environment you may run into a number of playback issues including glitching/skipping playback and your tracks not playing at all.

The noise threshold in a DVS system is the limit below which the input signal will not be interpreted as a control signal. In other words, if it’s below the threshold, it is considered noise and ignored by the software. This setting is necessary because a turntable stylus is very sensitive and will inevitably pick up noise from the environment as well as the signal on the record. This is especially noticeable during a live show or busy club. Turntables and CDJs can be effected by vibrations from the sound system as well. Every precaution should be taken to reduce any vibration.

Setting the noise threshold
1) Turn the sound system up the level you will be playing at during your performance.

2) Play a track from an audio CD or from the other deck in internal mode.

3) Place the needle on the record but keep the turntable stopped.

4) Click and hold down the Estimate button for a few seconds – Scratch Live will estimate the optimal threshold setting for the current environment. Alternatively you can try manually moving the estimate slider to the right until you notice the number in the upper-right corner of the scope view STOPS fluctuating.

You should be at the best point for good tracking of the vinyl movement and ignoring noise. Note: Just because it says 100% does not mean that is the best setting.

5) Repeat this process for each deck. Once completed, start the deck and look at the Scope view.

NOTE: The process for calibrating a cd player is virtually the same. The only difference is you’ll need to press pause on the cd deck with the control cd in the player before hitting the estimate button.


Stay tuned for Part 2 of this series coming out Friday October 19!

What is a StyleFlip Skin?

What is a StyleFlip adhesive skin for devices?

An adhesive skin (also known as a decal, sticker, or cover) is a vinyl film that adheres to the surface of your device all the while customizing and protecting it!

StyleFlip skin decals use 3M™ Controltac™ with Comply vinyl and features a thin removable adhesive backing that contains patented air release channels to ensure easy bubble free application along with easy and damage free removal.

Key Features

Won’t mess with your iPod wheelKey Features:



Incredibly thin being no thicker
than a postage stamp! StyleFlip
skins will not interfere with device
add-ons or functions. The skins are
designed with precise measurements
and are cut to match the contours of your




Flexible Skins = Easy Application


Flexible vinyl for easy application
and reapplication. Not happy with
your initial application? No problem,
carefully remove the skin and reapply!



Beats By Dre Kill Audio Skin

Beats By Dre Solo Kill Audio


Your Device + Your Design = Your StyleFlip allows you to fully
customize your own skins. Create yours
with our easy to use StyleFlip Designer.

Show off your favorite sport team,
designer brand or a picture of your
favorite pet!




DJ TeeOh

DJ Teeoh Customizes and Protects His Gear With StyleFlip


Protect Your Device With StyleFlip!
StyleFlip skins protect your device without the added bulk of a case. Keep those pesky scuffs and scratches at bay with best premium grade vinyl. Printed using a special high resolution process, and coated with a clear laminate coating for additional protection. The Styleflip is very tough, yet very thin so that it does not change the feel device.