Custom headphones provide style and protection.

In order to have the best listening experience with all your favorite music, quality headphones are a necessity. With the sound quality being the most important factor in purchasing headphones, how they look and feel are nearly just as important to most customers. You can create your own custom headphones with a skin decal at where the process is fun, easy, affordable, and completely your own design. With image being one of the main focuses for many that are willing to spend hundreds of dollars on a pair of headphones, why not make sure that while you spend the time to customize your own headphones you are protecting them at the same time?

          custom_headphones       custom_headphones offers custom skins for over 700 products including many headphone models. With all of these templates available, StyleFlip makes it easy to get those customized headphones you have always wanted at a price that won’t have you eating Ramen noodles for a month. Choose from one of the many designs StyleFlip has available or upload your own images for the ultimate customization and protection for your gear. The flashplayer on StyleFlip’s website makes it easy to add your own images, logos, graphics, names, or contact information. The headphones you use everyday just went from being boring and bland to fresh and fancy.

From every day use like listening to your iPod to making beats and creating your own music, your headphones can be the most important piece of the music listening puzzle. By allowing customers to customize their headphones, we are redefining how you can show off the music you love and how you listen to it. Quality headphones will give you the most crisp sound, but we want to help shape the way you listen and feel music. StyleFlip takes an ordinary product like headphones and gives customers the creative freedom to go above and beyond the standard look. Whether you choose simple patterns or colors to rock on your headphones or you want to add logos and pictures, the possibilities are truly endless and the experience becomes one of the rare times that the creativity is in your hands.      To get started creating your custom headphones today, design your skin at!